Heritage protection and generational transitions

The team operating in this range of activity provides customer support for the definition and implementation of best strategies for protection and conservation of heritage as well as guarantee an effective generational hand-over of the so-called family businesses.
The task of professionals is to accompany and support customers, in order to preserve and transmit to future generations what built over a lifetime and to ensure the survival and prosperity of companies even after the release of their founder.
In this perspective, professional freelancers are able to assist clients in the establishment and management of the trust, in procedures of conferral, in the relationship between the deceased, legal heirs/beneficiaries of trust and trustees; as well as in possible national and international judicial assistance.
An important component of this activity is the tax assistance that necessarily accompanies this scope of activity
The experience and assistance of the firm extends to the identification and management of
admission (input) processes for financial partners (merchant bank or funds) instrumental to generational change management.