Corporate Crisis

The customer is assisted by a team of lawyers, accountants, tax specialists and, where necessary, experts, operating under the unified direction of the reference shareholders of LAG.
The firm assists its clients in all the issues connected or related to the corporate crisis, whether be it insolvent companies or in any case of companies that are in a more or less serious situations of financial tension, whether be it company creditors, liquidators, bodies in the proceedings, as well as other professionals.
It has particular experience needed to support the customer during improvement business plan operations through ex art.67 let. D certificate plans of Bankruptcy law, debt restructuring through ex art. 182 bis Bankruptcy law, a court determined and amicable settlement among the shareholders or creditors of the company.
The firm also has experience in covering temporary operational roles within the company in order to help overcome the crisis and subsequent raise.
The LAG professionals support customer during audits by tax authorities, in pre-contentious phase, in managing relationships with offices and preparation of acts of the definition of tax disputes, for representation with tax courts organs, as well it supports its customers through Tax audit activities.