Accounting and balance sheets Area and tax and administrative requirements

LAG provides full assistance for management of tax obligations, declarations and notices related to direct and indirect taxes or service assistance to customers who provide on their own to these fulfilments.
The firm also offers accounting and administrative assistance, as well as a constant update for the management of requirements deriving from the introduction of new regulations.
LAG has gained experience in managing relations with audit firms on financial and accounting thematics as well significant expertise in the evaluation of opportunities for adoption and application of “International Accounting Principles” (“IAS”).
LAG has developed expertise in managing corporate groups, branches or foreign affiliates, in the preparation of civil and fiscal consolidations, civil and fiscal aspects that characterize groups of companies, as well the elaboration of group reporting system.
The firm assists multinational companies and their executives for all the aspects related to remunerations, structuring of incentive plans and stock options.